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Request an Invitation Letter

To request an invitation letter, complete and submit the following form. Be sure to provide a valid email because the personalized letter will be emailed to you containing your secure confirmation code.

* Title:
* First Name:
Middle Initial:
* Last Name:
* Email Address:
* Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Hospital/Institution with which you are affiliated
* Hospital/Institution Name:
* Address:
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* City:
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* Country:

* Please note that this invitation does not constitute issuance of a visa.
** Issuance of this letter does not guarantee admittance into the Czech Republic.
*** This letter is only valid when held by a person affiliated with the ISMICS or the 2013 ISMICS Annual Meeting.

Please contact contact ISMICS with any questions pertaining to invitation requests.

Please do not contact ISMICS for:

  • Processing letters for groups of under 20 persons.
  • An original, signed, letter, unless one has been requested from your consulate.

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