ISMICS Workshop 2005
Shanghai, China
December 2 - 4, 2005
Galaxy Hotel Shanghai

Organizing Committee Chairmen
Yingze Li, M.D.
Yingze Li, M.D.
Eugene Sim, FRCS
Eugene Sim, FRCS

Welcome Letter

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to attend the 3rd SMICS 2005 Workshop, which would be held in Shanghai during December 2-4, 2005.

After the success of the 1st and the 2nd Workshop held in Asia, I am privileged to announce that the 3rd one is going to take place in Shanghai, the most prosperous city of China. In recent decades, Shanghai has undergone magnificent changes and is quickly regaining its previous memorable glamour. The city is thus full of vitality as well as opportunities. An important key to its success is that the people here, no matter from domestic or abroad, are keen to embrace new ideas and never hesitate to try them out. They are willing to witness every single changes of the city where the history meets the future. This comes along with the additional theme of this year's annual meeting, which is 'Innovation' in cardiac and thoracic surgery, apart from the usual theme of 'Minimally Invasive Surgery'. The Local Organizing Committee will end all our effort to achieve the goal of better communication and education in new ideas and new technologies in this field, and at the same time, to ensure every attendant a trip to Shanghai. With your attendance, and with the informative presentations from all the speakers, this year's meeting is deemed to be as judicious as the night life and the food you are going to enjoy here.

We are looking forward to your honored presence.
Yingze Li, M.D. Eugene K. W. Sim. FRCS

Chairmen, Organizing Committee

Scientific Program

Reception & Guide
Pudong International Airport

Secretariat preparation & Tour Registration
Apollon Room, 3rd Floor and Room 9001, Galaxy Hotel

Congress Registration & Tour Registration
Apollon Room, 3rd Floor and Room 9001, Galaxy Hotel
Faculty Dinner
Hengshan Maller Villa (30 S. Shanxi Road, Shanghai)

Congress Registration
Main Lobby, 2nd Floor, Galaxy Hotel Shanghai
Innovations: The Present and Future of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Chairs: Mingdi Xiao, M.D., Hanni Shennib, M.D. Ming Chuan Tong, M.D.

Reinventing the Cardiac Surgeon
Hani Shennib, M.D.

A decade of innovation beginning with MIDCAB
Willam Cohn, M.D.

Cardiac Surgery: "What to Expect in the Next Ten Years"
Thomas Pezzella, M.D.
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Asia
Chairs: Shangzhi Gao, M.D., Feng Wan, M.D., Hani Shennib, M.D.

Cardiac Surgery in the New Asian Century
Kit V. Arom, M.D.

From New York to New Delhi and Back
Naresh Trehan, M.D.

One-stop Hybrid Cardiac Surgery
Shengshou Hu, M.D.
Opening Ceremony and Exhibition Tour
Press Conference

VIP Room, 3rd Floor, Galaxy Hotel Shanghai
New Techniques Validated
Chairs: William Cohn, M.D., Ki Bong Kim, M.D., Zhiyun Xu, M.D.

Endoscopic Harvesting of Veins: ISMICS Consensus Statement
Davy Cheng, M.D.

Endoscopic Radial Artery
Feng Wan, M.D.

Prevention of Vein Graft Failure: The Next Breakthrough in Surgical Revascularization?
Song Wan, M.D.
Molecular Biology and the Cardiac Surgeon
Chairs: Kit V. Arom, M.D., Hongyu Liu, M.D., Song Xue, M.D.

Angiomyogenesis - Best of Two Worlds
Eugene K.W. Sim, M.D.

Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Heart Failure
Permyos Ruengsakulrach, M.D.

Cell Transplantation for Heart Failure
Winston Shim, Ph.D.
Presidential Address and Lunch Symposium
Chair: James D. Fonger, M.D., Shengshou Hu, M.D., Song Wan, M.D.

Presidential Address
Randall K. Wolf, M.D.

New Ideas in Healthcare
Jie Chen, M.D.

Private Medical Care in China
Jonathan Seah, M.D.
Brief Communications
Chairs: Ben Bistrup, M.D., Dinghua Yi, M.D., Carlos Mestres, M.D.

Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: Clinical Experience through a Limited Right Thoracotomy Approach
Robin Jacques, M.D.

Aortic Arch Substitution in less than 2 minutes
Wei Wang, M.D.

Prospective Randomized Study on the Use of the Cardica PAS-Port Aortic Connector System in Off-Pump CABG
Pekka Rainio, M.D.

First Clinical Results of Aortic Valve Replacement with the 3F-Enable Sutureless Aortic Valve Prosthesis
Leyh R, M.D.

Factors Predicting the Success of Microwave Ablation for the Treatment of Concomitant Atrial Fibrillation in Mitral Valve Diseases
Jong Yuan Hsun, M.D.

Prevention of Vein Graft Failure: The Next Breakthrough in Surgical Revascularization?
Song Wan, M.D.

Does OPCAB Reduce Mortality and Morbidity In The Elderly Patient When Compared To Conventional CABG (CCABG)? A Meta-Analysis
Patrick Lee Ergina, M.D.

Early Results of Mitral Valve Repair in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
Vijay Kohli, M.D.
Off-Pump Revisited
Chairs: Que Do Kim, M.D., James Edgerton, M.D., Xin Chen, M.D.

The CABG Medical Holly Graft Clinical Experience
Uwe Klima, M.D.

James D. Fonger, M.D.

Hani Shennib, M.D.

Total Arterial Grafts and Off Pump
John Pym, M.D.

Endo-ACAB and Hybrid Procedures - 5 year experience
Andrzej Bochenek, M.D.

OPCABG: An Economic Solution for Third World Countries
Edgar Lama, M.D.
Tea Break
Minimally Invasive Lung Surgery
Chairs: Jun Wang, M.D., Hui Ping Liu, M.D., Zhiyong Liu, M.D.

Lobectomy for Lung Cancer
Rex Stanbridge, M.D.

Pneumonectomy for Lung Cancer
Anthony P.C. Yim, M.D.

Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery
Randall Wolf, M.D.
Welcome Reception for all Attendees
Rainbow Hotel Shanghai (2000 W. Yan'an Road)

Congress Registration
Main Lobby, 2nd Floor, Galaxy Hotel Shanghai
Atrial Fibrillation
Chairs: Randall Wolf, M.D., Chunsheng Wang, M.D., Azahari Yakoub, M.D.

The Role of Left Atrial Autonomic Ganglia in Atrial Fibrillation: Implications for Surgeons
James R. Edgerton, M.D.

Current State of Percutaneous Interventions
Kheng Siang Ng, M.D.

Indications for the Maze - All Patients with AF
James Wong, M.D.

Should be Surgically Ablated Indications for Stand Alone Maze
Gregory P. Fontana
Results and How I Do It
Chairs: Xu Meng, M.D., James Wong, M.D.

The Use Of Irrigated RF Ablation For The Treatment of AF: 5 Years Results
Belhhan T. Akpinar, M.D.

Thoracoscopic PVI
Li Poa, M.D.

Thoracoscopic bipolar RF
Randall K. Wolf, M.D.

Sternotomy Bipolar RF
Yeow Leng Chua, M.D.

AF Surgery with the Cryoprobe
Go Watanabe, M.D.
Tea Break
Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery
Chairs: Rex Stanbridge, M.D., Wenhu Chen, M.D., Hua Jing, M.D.

Minimally Invasive Approach for the Diagnosis of Anterior Mediastinal Tumors
Wentao Fang, M.D.

Thoracoscopic Thymectomy
Hui Ping Liu, M.D.

VATS Lung Volume Reduction
Hui Ping Liu, M.D.

Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction
Anthony P.C. Yim, M.D.
AF surgery telecast from Shanghai Chest Hospital
Belhan Akpinar, M.D.
Chairs: Yingze Li, M.D., Chua Yeow Leng, M.D., Go Watanabe, M.D.
Brief communications
Chairs: Vassilios Gulielmos, M.D., Abdul Rhaman, M.D., Hansong Sun, M.D.

The Clinical Results of the Thoracoscopic Lung Biopsy According to Thoracoscope Size
Won-Min Jo, M.D.

Aortic Valve Replacement with Biological 3 F Therapeutics Aortic Bioprosthesis™ - Three years follow-up
Jerzy Sadowski, M.D.

Clinical Study of Major Pulmonary Resection by Video-Assisted Mini-Thoractomy for Patients with Lung Carcinoma
Qingquan Luo, M.D.

Research of Valve Replacement on Beating Heart Under Mild Hypothermia Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Wei He, M.D.

Thoratec IVAD: Total Artificial Heart Surgical Configuration
J. Donald Hill, M.D.

The Clinical Use of Minimally Invasive Technique for the Treatment 264 infants and Children with Cardiac Disease Cases
Zhifa Yao, M.D.

Total Thoracoscopic Mitral Valve Replacement
Yunge Cheng, M.D.
Imaging Technology
Chairs: Didier DeCanniere, M.D., Fangjong Huang, M.D., John L. Knight, M.D.

Imaging Technology: An Overview
Lertlak Chaothawee, M.D.

The Impact of New Non-invasive Technology on the Practice of Cardiology
Albert Chan, M.D.
Tea Break
Robotics Update
Chairs: Qiang Zhao, M.D., Zhongmin Liu, M.D., Vassilios Gulielmos, M.D.

Overview: Why has Robotics not Taken Wider Application?
Didier DeCanniere, M.D.

Mitral Valve Surgery
Sujit Banyatpiyaphod, M.D.

Coronary Artery Surgery
Sudhir Srivastava, M.D.

Hybrid Procedures
Anthony DeSouza, M.D.
Gala Dinner and Reception
XinTian Di

Meeting of Board of Directors, ISMICS
Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Galaxy Hotel
Technology Updates I
Chairs: James Hart, M.D., Toru Asai, M.D., Changzhi Chen M.D.

Therapeutic Angiogenesis - Still Alive?
Ralph Kelly, M.D.

Update on Devices for Heart Failure
Anno Diegler, M.D.

Innovative Concepts on Mitral Valve Repair
Christian Detter, M.D.

Update on STICH trial
Yeow Leng Chua, M.D.

OPCAB consensus Statement
John D. Puskas, M.D.
Tea Break
Technology Updates II
Chairs: Anno Diegler, M.D., Zhong Quan, M.D., Ezani Mohd Taib, M.D.

Innovations and Protecting the patient
James Hart, M.D.

Results of the MAGIC Trial
Ralph Kelly, M.D.

CABG vs. Drug Eluting Stents
John D. Puskas, M.D.

Percutaneous Devices
William Cohn, M.D.

Advances in Treatment of Functional Mitral Regurgitation
Yugal Mishra, M.D.
Closing Remarks
Yingze Li, M.D.

Workshop Photos

Wandall K. Wolf, MD 3rd Workshop Scientific Session ISMICS 3rd Workshop  
Randall K. Wolf, MD, President of ISMICS Yan Junqi Eugene Wei Kwan Sim, MD, Chairman of the ISMICS 3rd Workshop Yingze Li, MD, Chairman of the ISMICS 3rd Workshop

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