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UNC/ISMICS Heart Team Summit: A Symposium on Arrhythmia, Appendage and Lead Management Alliances
The Carolina Inn
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
ISMICS 2016 Winter Workshop
The Westin Miyako
Kyoto, Japan
ISMICS 2016 Annual Meeting
Consensus Statements

Begun in 2004, the ISMICS Expert Consensus Conferences have produced very important scientific results that have benefited all aspects of the minimally invasive specialty. The purpose of a Consensus Conference is to evaluate the available scientific information on a biomedical technology and to develop a consensus statement that advances understanding of the technology or issue in question (assessment) and that will be useful to health professionals and the public at large. A select and geographically diverse expert panel reviews the scientific data, weighs the information, and then composes a consensus statement that addresses a set of questions previously posed to the panel. This statement is an independent report of the panel. ISMICS is pleased that it has had the opportunity to host experts in the fields of Off-Pump Surgery, Endoscopic Conduit Harvesting, Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization, Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Lobectomy, Stentless vs. Stented Aortic Valves, Atrial Fibrillation, Drug, Devices, Technologies, and Techniques for Blood Management in Minimally Invasive and Conventional Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Versus Open Mitral Valve Surgery. Consensus statements that have been presented at Annual Meetings of ISMICS and published in its journal Innovations are available here.

ISMICS gratefully acknowledges Medtronic and St. Jude Medical for their support of the ISMICS 2012 Consensus Conference on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) for the Management of Patients with Aortic Valve Stenosis.

Consensus Statements Archive

ISMICS Consensus Conference and Statements of Randomized Controlled Trials of Off-Pump Versus Conventional Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Volume 10, Issue 4, July/August 2015, pages 219-229 Consensus Conference

Drug, Devices, Technologies, and Techniques for Blood Management in Minimally Invasive and Conventional Cardiothoracic Surgery
Volume 7, Number 4, July/August 2012, pages 229-241: 2011 Consensus Conference

ISMICS gratefully acknowledges the support of the Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Minimally Invasive Versus Open Mitral Valve Surgery
Volume 6, Number 2, March/April 2011, pages 66-76: 2010 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Volume 6, Number 2, March/April 2011, pages 84-103: 2010 ISMICS Consensus Conference, A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.

Atrial Fibrillation
Volume 5, Number 2, March/April 2010, pages 74-83: 2009 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Stentless vs. Stented Aortic Valves
Volume 4, Number 2, March/April 2009, pages 49-60: 2008 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Lobectomy
Volume 2, Number 6, November 2007, pages 293-302: 2007 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization
Volume 1, Number 6, Winter 2006, pages 314-322; 2006 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Endoscopic Conduit Harvesting
Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 2005, pages 51-60: 2005 ISMICS Consensus Conference

Off-Pump Surgery
Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2005, pages 3-27: 2004 ISMICS Consensus Conference